How To Fix Common Elementor issues (Step by Step)

Elementor is one of the best leading page builders that is used to build WordPress Websites. It is used on the more than 2 Millions website. But sometimes users face many Elementor issues that create a hurdle for the user to create a new page, post, or edit them and it’s a very disappointing condition for the user /developer. So in this article, we will discuss all common Elementor issue and fix them.

1) Elementor not loading

->Elementor not loading or slow loading issue is very common and every developer or user face this issue there are many reasons behind it like old Php version, PHP memory limit Using multiple page builder on the same website for different page means it generates plugins conflicts and Elementor not load Properly or slow load due to this issue.

->So to fix this type of error first make sure you disabled other page builder try to load and check if it is working or not.

->if you still face issue deactivate all plugins and activate plugins one by and keep checking that  Elememtor loads or not. In this way, you will find the plugin that conflicts with the Elementor and generate the Elemtentor loading issue. Now check if it Elementor is working or not .

->if you still face the issue add the following line of code in the wp-config file so to add code go to file manager from in the Cpanel or FTP  then go public-html and find the wp-config file and add the following line of code It will fix your Elementor loading issue.

                                                                                 define( ‘wp_memory_limit’, ‘256m’ );


2) Elementor 500 internal Server Error

The second Error on our list is Elementor 500 internal Server Error it very disturbing Error whenever you try to save the page post any product Elementor 500 internal server error is shown upper side save button so to fix this issue one solution is very simple.

-> Install one plugin “ wp –optimize “  install and activate it then go its dashboard you will see one option called “Optimized database “

->Now click one it then you see many options like optimize table, remove revision and many more option but most important option form all of these options is to remove revisions click on it and remove all revision of your website page or post.

->Now clear your website cache and browser cache and try to edit again. We hope it will fix your Elementor 500 Internal Server Error. if you still face an issue also follow the first solution.

Elementor Error
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3) Elementor 404 Page Not Found Error

3rd Error our list is Elementor 404 Page not Found Error it is also the very common error in the Elementor and there are mainly two reasons behind it

->One is that your page is generating broken link means it shows 404 pages not found error on the screen when you try to visit

->Or Mod-security rules are conflicts with your Elementor .

->To fix type of error check that your page slugs are correct and page not returning 404 pages not found error when you visit if it shows then update your permalinks to post-name from setting option. Now check if it’s working or not.

->If you still face issue disabled MAD security on your website by adding the following line of code to your .htaccess file will rule out the firewall that conflicts with Elementor and your Elementor issue will be fixed.


                                                                                      <IfModule mod_security.c>

                                                                                            SecFilterEngine Off

                                                                                           SecFilterScanPOST Off



4) Elementor changes Not Update On the screen

-> No 4 Elemtentor error on our List is that Elementor changes Not Update On the screen to fix this type of error you have to go

->Elementor Option on the dashboard under you will see setting option click on you see many options on the top bar of elementor or click on it then you see Advanced option click on it nowhere you see CSS Print Method click on it and select Internal Embedding click on it and save changes.

->Now go to tool option under Elementor option click on it and you see that here one option is given Regenerate CSS click on the Regenerate File and save changes, Now check and edit files you will see the issue fixed. if you still face issues clear your website cache and browser cache and edit file 100% chances issued fixed.

Elementor issues


If you face any other issue like  Elementor 502 Error, Elemtor 402, or any other Error of elementor just apply the above steps your Elemtor issue will fix by following the above steps.   If your problem is solved by following our steps write in the comment  which steps fix your Elementor issues or if you still face issue you can hire our professional team for fixing any WordPress Error

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