How to Boost Your Domain Authority with 3 powerful method

How to Increase domain Authority

How to Increase Your Domain Authority with 3 powerful method

Domain Authority is your website credibility or a ranking score on a search engine and it is developed by Moz
.People ask us, “How do I increase or boost my website’s domain authority score” So in order to increase domain authority we must find out the main factor that causes to score increase

So in this article we will discuss three factor or power full method that increase your website Domain authority in a few days .So if you have a new website and you want to rank website on google or any other search engine in this case first you have to know what is Domain Authority (DA) .Actually it is Domain ranking , Website  Ranking or Website Authority from Top SEO tools or companies  .

Some SEO tools claims that website authority can predict actual rating of the website on google search. But reality is that google does not rank website it’s only rank the pages of the website . But yes we believe that website authority or domain authority is one factor in ranking  on search engines. But it is very small factor like pinch of salt .

How tools measure Domain Authority ?

It is relative measurement of  your website backlinks and your competitor backlinks if you have more high quality backlinks then your competitor then your Domain authority (DA) or Domain rating (DR) is high then your Competitor website so factor that improve your website ranking are

1) Build links of pages to rank

As we early discussed google does not rank website it’s only rank the pages. So in order to rank pages you have to build links and Backlinks is one of the most famous method that helps your pages to rank. So best method to find your competitor backlinks is use of Ubersuggest tool .It will you information about  your competitor backlinks and you can also create your backlinks where your competitor create backlinks there is two types of backlinks 1) Dofollow backlinks 2) Nofollow backlinks.


What is Dofollow Backlink ?

Dofollow backlinks is helps in SEO because it’s give some authority from where your create link to your website .In simple words Dofollow links give authority  from the origin of the site to your site and its help in ranking of the page.Syntax of Dofollow links is rel=”dofollow” when you link to website. Giving authority to other website is called “Link juice ” which ultimately helps in domain authority score or boost domain authority .

What is Nofollow Backlink?

Nofollow links not pass any authority to website that is linked means its not share any link Juice from  where you post link to your website or if you used nofollow  link you used in your website then it will not give authority from your website to the destination site .It does not help in the ranking of the page or in the domain authority score .

Why we use Nofollow links ?

As we discussed it not helps in the ranking the pages but we use sometime for Affiliate links ,User generated content or for Sponsored Links in this case we are not share our website authority with other website .

2) Try to get links from high-quality websites

Every body wants that his/her website /pages rank on the google first page or rank for ranking you have get backlinks from high quality website or high authority website so whenever you create backlinks on any website first of all check website authority or domain authority (DA). If you create backlinks on the low quality or low Domain Authority website it will effect your current ranking and not improve your ranking on the google so must try to find high quality website and then get links from them.

3) Try to get links from Unique Domain

It is very important factor in the ranking of the domain authority . For example if you get 15 backlinks from website same website it is not effective but if you will get 15 backlinks from 15 high quality different website it will defiantly increase your Domain Authority (DA). if you have any question leave a comment or you want any assistance regarding WordPress website Click here      

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